Sunday, July 25, 2010

East coast pizza tour Tocconelis and Anthonys

Want to eat at tocco’s(as the locals call it)? Call ahead to order your dough. Want to eat at tocco’s with a competitive eater and his look a like understudy the natural? Pre order 3 dough balls. Sometimes when writing recipes one will fall in love with an idea. Flavor combination, preparation, play on words, or new take on an old flavor combination. The idea may be great but sometimes it can hinder the execution of a dish. I fell in love with the idea of preordering the dough, if they are in such high demand it must be some of the best pizza on the planet, right? I am glad I made the trek and it was delicious but was a little harsh around the edges, it was well seasoned but overall fell a little short. This pizza needs to be send to finishing school to iron out its tom boy and burping at the table tendencies. My mind interpreted the pre order ritual to not having salt on the table. If you don’t have salt on the table the food better be perfectly seasoned, I guess I figured if you had to pre order dough it would be close to perfect. Toccos was close to being really really good. As for Anthony’s it was delicious, good crust, seasoned really well and has the alternating sauce/ cheese rings. This was a few hours after tocco’s and my palate was still in sodium shock so my palate couldn’t give Anthony’s its due respect. It was delicious but I need to go in fresh palated.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The pizza of australia

Ham and egg
Had to try it while on the continent, looks a lot better than it tasted. I would of liked a vegamite pizza better. At least there are only 4 more continents I have to eat pizza from

Frank Pepe’s

White clam pie
Good for a hangover but not as a base for binge drinking. This is quite possibly the most unique and best executed pie out there.

Monday, July 19, 2010

a pizza video all chicagoans need to check out

My compadre jeff ruby did this video about testing pizzas in chicago. It's a must see!