Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trenton Nj, Delorenzo’s and Pops

My pizza bible; everybody loves pizza eats highly of Delorenzo’s, and I can understand why. Like a cute girl from msp the more time and layers you uncover the more you enjoy this pizza/ person. This was an odd pizza experience, the sauce was splattered on top, and it was not exactly love struck first bite. It changed the consistency and taste/ texture consistency on the palate. The crust was a little too dry and crispy hot from the oven. The seasoning and flavor was there but seemed to be lacking. The more I sat enjoying myself and the jerseyite company it grew on me. The seasoning and salt built up on my palate and the crust softened. The sauce concentrated and browned without the usual blanket of cheese to palates delight. I never thought pizza would improve after sitting yet Delorenzo’s manages. Delorenzo’s was followed by a brisk walk to pops with a short layover at the kwik e mart for now and laters and a gallon of diet soda. The mustard pizza and cheese had slightly thicker crust, was seasoned well and overall was pretty balanced. Dijon mustard in a crust is a flavor/ pizza experience I was ignorant of but was incredible, the mustardy zing brought balance and a slightly sweet finish. When hot out of the oven it had an orange mustardy glow. I have never had anything like this before and am in awe of what I ate that day.
I would learn a few things on this trip; 1- Jersey pizza is called tomato pie and has sauce on top 2- People have been putting Dijon mustard in pizza crust for years and it’s intriguingly delicious. 3- I think 1.5-2.5 hours is the comfortable one way range of going to get pizza (New York to New Haven falls into that category)
For the past 2 years I’ve made a pizza trek while in Nyc the weekend of Nathans. Usually the pizza is more enjoyable than the contest. I don’t know what stops on the pizza train I will make next year, but I know it will be delicious.